Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Basic Elements on Public Relations

1). What are the five common elements in the definition of Public Relations?

1. Management Function
2. Two way Communication
3. Planned Activity
4. Researched Based Social Science
5. Socially Responsible

2). How is PR related to the concept of relationship management

Well managed organizations know they must have good relationship with publics important to their success. Good relationships can reduce threats such as litigation, regulation, boycotts, or lost revenues.

3). Hunt-Gruing models of PR are? Why are they important?

1. Press/ Publicity model – Coverage, Or Publicity
2. Public Info Model – Accurate information
3. Two Way Asymmetrical – influencing a particular point
4. Two Way Symmetrical – two way communication of conflict resolution

They are important because they help predict the future. Organizations that practice PR correctly are said to be successful but the organizations who don’t fail. This is important in deciding what organization to work for if you specialize in relationship management.

4). How do PR and Marketing differ.

Marketing- Process of researching, creating, refining, and promoting a product or service and distributing that product or service to targeted consumers.
PR- management of an organization’s relationships with its publics.

5). Four steps it traditional PR.

1. Research
2. Planning
3. Communication
4. Evaluation

6). Why is PR considered a dynamic process?

It is a critical thinking process involving a constant analysis and reevaluation of information. What was true yesterday is not true today.

7). Describe the role values play in PR.

Values are the fundamental beliefs and standards that drive behaviors and decision making.

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